Our grandfather, Wah Kam Chun, came to Hawaii with an idea and a lot of ambition, but little else.  After years of hard work, he opened the first Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory in 1942 located in Honolulu's Chinatown.  His goal was to provide noodle products to restaurants and markets all across Hawaii.  His philosophy for cooking was simple: products made-from-scratch and from locally sourced ingredients make better food.  

As his business expanded, Wah Kam needed more space, and, during the 60's he moved his shop to McNeil Street in Kalihi.  Then, in 1979, the noodle factory was moved down the street to its present location at 505 Kalihi Street, where we still make all of our noodle products fresh everyday.  

In 1988, Wah Kam's son, Nelson, came up with the idea to expand the company's menu and sell manapua, plate lunches, and dim sum items.  Sticking to Wah Kam's founding philosophy on food, we've made it a point to be especially meticulous with what we make and how we make it.  As a prime example, our family recipe for our Baked Manapua bread took us 10 years to get just right!  The result has become one of our signature items. 

For over 75 years, some things have never changed in the way our family does business.  First, we have always provided our customers with fresh made-from-scratch products.  Secondly, as a local family we value what it means to be from Hawaii and we will continue to use locally sourced ingredients as often and whenever possible.  

To all our customers, thank you!  We are proud to be one of Hawaii's oldest family run businesses!